S. Hessam M. Mehr

Chemistry Information Discovery

S. Hessam M. Mehr

Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow, University of Glasgow
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Investigating information and automation as gateways to new discovery paradigms in chemistry.


Recorded talks


For an up-to-date list check out my personal projects and my research group’s projects on Github. - Delphi A standard interface for storing, sampling/fitting, and comparing probabilistic models for interpreting scientific experiments - XDL A hardware-independent chemical programming language (see publication) - Logic.jl Early sketch of a typed logic programming system embedded in Julia - liquid_rules (Prolog) and liquid_rules_ddlog (Differential Datalog) Proof-of-concept declarative scheduler for robotic liquid handling - coalescence Demonstration of peak coalescence in NMR live demo (TypeScript) - molsketch-cljs Cross-platfrom 2D molecular structure drawing program (ClojureScript) - NMR.jl Processing, visualization and analysis of NMR spectra (Julia) - pyMPB Python interface to MIT Photonic Bands (MPB) - SolidStateNMR.jl Simulation of solid-state NMR spectra from calculated shielding matrix - vim-gaussian Gaussian syntax highlighting for vim - XRD.jl Utility functions for X-ray diffraction (Julia)


I am always keen to welcome motivated individuals from a range of technical backgrounds into the group. Please refer to the my group’s website for a list of current opportunities.

Selected publications (pre-2024)

An up-to-date list of publications is available on my group’s website. For a full list refer to Google Scholar, and ORCiD.